Sunday, May 4, 2008

National Cartoonists Day

On Sunday, May 5, 1895, readers of the New York World discovered something new and different in their morning papers. Printed in full color was a drawing by artist Richard Outcault, depicting the antics of a rowdy group of street urchins. Prominent among them was a big-eared, barefoot little boy wearing a grimy nightshirt and a mischievous grin.

This was the first color installment of the cartoon feature Down Hogan’s Alley, and the lad was named Mickey Dugan, though he soon became known to the public as the Yellow Kid. He was soon to be the first commercially successful cartoon icon.

n 1990, May 5 was proclaimed Cartoonists Day by the National Cartoonists Society, and May 3-9 was designated Cartoon Appreciation Week.
Here are some ways you can celebrate...

  • Read the comics pages every day!
  • Rent an animated movie!
  • Send an e-mail message to the cartoonist that draws your favorite comic strip! (Most newspaper strips have the creator's e-mail address written along one of the panel borders.)
  • Write a letter to your local newspaper, telling them which comic strips you enjoy most, and why!
  • Visit a comic book shop and try something new!
  • Send a cartoon greeting card to a friend!
  • Buy a paperback collection of a comic strip you enjoy… or one you never read before!
  • Visit the public library and read about the history of comics and cartoons!
  • Try drawing your own comic strip or cartoon!
  • Recapture your youthful sense of wonder... read the comics with a child!
  • Take a cartoonist to lunch!
Thanks for helping to make Cartoonist Day an occasion to remember!

Boys, boys, let's compromise.

It's INKO de Mayo!

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