Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Icons at I-Con 27

On April 5, 2008, I attended the I-Con science fiction convention in Stony Brook, NY. I've been going to I-Con since 1984, but I've missed the past three years due to conflicts. It's a three-day event, but I only spent Saturday there.

I-Con usually has several tracks devoted to science fiction, fantasy, gaming, TV, anime, and, of course, comics. I usually go to I-Con with a group, but this year I went on my own, so I was able to stay with the comics track for the whole day.

I don't recall I-Con being as big on costume play as some other conventions, but that seems to have changed. And there were some very good costumes.

The invincible Iron Man was there, to promote his new movie.

Green Lantern allowed me to take his picture, and was even kind enough to provide his own lighting.

The amazing Spider-Man was happy to pose for his fans at his very own web site.

But Batman fans dominated the comic-themed costumes. Here we see the Scarecrow striking fear into the heart of Batgirl.

So many Batman villains were on hand, it looked like there had been a breakout at Arkham Asylum.

OK, so that last was a penguin, not the Penguin. I'm just trying to keep the theme going here, that's all. Give me a break. Or should that be, a Shake?

The dealer's room had some interesting merchandise. I like these Green Lantern and Batman coin banks. I'd never seen them on the market before. I should have checked to see who manufactured them.

There were several entertaining panels, too. In an earlier post, I mentioned the 70th birthday party that they threw for Superman. Unfortunately, artist Murphy Anderson, who was supposed to be the guest of honor, got to the con too late for the party. He arrived in time for the next panel, though. Here you see Glenn Hauman, Murphy, Dwayne McDuffie, and Bob Greenberger (plus Peter David, sitting in the audience and not seen in this picture) sharing "True Tales of the Comic Book Industry," including Dwayne's story about receiving a letterbomb that failed to go off while he was working on the Milestone Comics line... even before Milestone had published its first issue!
There was another panel I attended that I'd like to comment about. But I'll save that for another day. For now, be well.

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