Saturday, July 2, 2011

Bunny Bash 2011

Earlier this week, my wife Patty and I attended the 30th annual Bunny Bash. It was the fifth one for me. The weather was perfect, and we had a great time. (As usual, you can click on any of the following pictures to enlarge.)

The Bunny in question is our hostess, Bunny Hoest. In 1982, she and her husband Bill, creator of The Lockhorns, threw a party for fellow cartoonists and their family and friends in their beautiful home in Lloyd Neck, NY.

A tradition began, and cartoonists from near and far have gathered on her huge patio every June since then. Though I'm not a professional cartoonist myself, the Now and Then column that I write for Hogan's Alley Magazine has earned me the invitation to rub elbows with the rich and/or famous.
The even larger back yard boasts a magnificent view of Long Island Sound.

Though Bill passed on over twenty years ago, Bunny continues to write The Lockhorns, and John Reiner illustrates it in Bill's classic style.

This week, Bunny's son and his family were visiting from out of state, and brought along Oz, their Bernese Mountain Dog puppy. I was told that, despite a strong resemblance, Oz is not related to Howard Huge.

Two first-time visitors to the Bunny Bash were Greg Walker (Beetle Bailey) and Jeff Keane (The Family Circus)

They very kindly contributed a couple of drawings to my autograph/sketchbook, which I began in 1994. (It's volume two. Volume one was from 1971 to 1994.)
Above, Emilio Squeglio (Captain Marvel) shows Tony Tallarico a cover design he's working on for a future issue of Alter Ego magazine. Tony was also kind enough to give me a sketch of the title character from his Find Freddie books.

Gahan Wilson, another first-timer, added the fourth new sketch to my book. Above, he's doing another drawing for cartoonist and right-fielder Ken Krimstein.

Adrian Sinnott, president of the Berndt Toast Gang, is chatting with Greg Walker.

The crowd gathered when Adrian offered a toast to the memory of the late Lee Ames, who passed away last month. In the center of this picture,wearing sunglasses, is Dan Danglo (Felix the Cat), who will be the subject of my next Hogan's Alley column, later this year.

Joe Giella (Mary Worth, Batman, Green Lantern) had a good time.

So did Sy Barry (The Phantom) and magazine cartoonist Don Orehek.

Stan Goldberg added a personal drawing to a hardcover collection of his Archie comic book work for fan Jerry Jurman.

A wonderful time was had by all. Thanks very much, Bunny. It was hard to say goodbye to you and all our cartoon friends.

'Til next year!


  1. Really nice photos. Good to have faces on those great people!

  2. I really like your photos and written material about the Bunny Bash! That will look nice on Pioneer Group! Bob! :) G.G.

  3. Ilike the photos and your story about the Bunny Bash! Bob Buethe. from, G.G.:)

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