Saturday, October 17, 2009

#1 - Port Washington

My first talk at the Port Washington Library went pretty well. I did blank out a couple of times, which taught me a lesson for the rest of the talks: don't stray too far from my notes. I also seem to have lost a page of notes about the 1970s revival of Captain Marvel, and had to ad-lib it. There were no kids in the audience, which I guess shouldn't have surprised me on a school day. But the people who were there were a good audience, and they were familiar with all the classic comic strips: Toonerville Folks, Smilin' Jack, Gasoline Alley.

One man asked a question about the European character Tintin, which I mentioned briefly in my presentation. Another said he was a fan of the modern comic strip, Brian Crane's Pickles, which has been running since 1991. It's a favorite of mine, too.

Today's 2pm talk at the Mineola Memorial Library should bring in a more diverse group, being on a Saturday afternoon. I hope they enjoy the show.

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