Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Bunny Bash 2015

If you've read some of my older posts, you may know that Bunny Hoest, writer of The Lockhorns, hosts a big party every June for cartoonists and their families and friends. Patty and I missed last year's Bunny Bash because I had work commitments, but fortunately we could get there this year. It was also the first Bash for our friend, artist Joe Liotta.

I've got to start out with a shot of Bunny's beautiful house on the north shore of Long Island. The weather was perfect, and the patio was packed with creative people.
And when we wanted to get a few minutes away from the crowd, it was a short walk to the beach.

 Bunny's family has two very large Bernese mountain dogs, Oz and Ziggy. This friendly fellow we met on the beach wasn't either one of them. He may have been a party crasher, but Patty had fun with him anyway.

Here's a shot of animator Howard Beckerman with Joe and Patty.

 Adrian Sinnott, president of the Berndt Toast Gang, is seen here wishing cartoonist/musician Roberta Fabiano a happy birthday. Adrian also presented the first annual "Toasty" awards to honor cartoonists' spouses.

 Here's a picture of me with Joe Giella (The Flash, Batman, Mary Worth) and Sy Barry (The Phantom, the Phantom Stranger). The Grand Comics Database helped me determine that the first Giella-inked comic book I ever read was The Flash #156 (December 1965), so I dug it out and brought it along and asked Joe to autograph it.
And here is Joe's autograph. I had forgotten that my mother had written my name and age on the comic in light pencil 50 years ago ("Bobby 6"). That probably brings its collectible resale value down somewhat, but it multiplies its personal value to me several times over.