Monday, February 25, 2013

Funny Business?

Every week or so, I like to check this blog's stats to find out what words and phrases people typed into their search engines that brought them here. Today I see that, twice in the past week, someone found this page while searching for the phrase "Where are Newsday's Sunday comics?"

Long Island Newsday is my local paper, and I've mentioned its comics section once or twice in the past. Newsday's Sunday comics used to be inserted in the center of Fanfare, its weekly entertainment section. But as of 2013, they've made a change. Newsday's Sunday comics are now tucked inside of the weekly Business section.

I have no firsthand knowledge of why this shift was made. Perhaps reader research suggested that more businesspeople follow the comics than any other group. Maybe it's an attempt to draw more readers to the Business section. Or maybe they just want to lighten up the gloomy financial news.

Whatever the reason, dear visitor, the answer to the question "Where are Newsday's Sunday comics?" is, "Mind your Business."

UPDATE 3/2/2013: Yesterday I learned the real reason for the move. Each newspaper section needs to have a minimum of 16 pages for proper assembly and packaging. The page count of the Business section recently dropped, so the Comics were moved to make up the difference. So there's a practical reason for it all. But if they'd asked me, I would have said to wrap the Comics around the Business section instead of tucking them inside.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Got Game?

I saw this posted by Alan Gardner at

New prime-time TV game show seeks people with extraordinary, encyclopedic knowledge of cartoons past and present who are ready to strut their knowledge for a shot at a life-changing cash prize! Open to other subjects as well. Email with basic info, age, location, phone number and photo.

Sounds interesting. I wonder if they're only talking about animation, or if comic strips and comic books will be included as well? In any case, I've sent in my info. Give it a try, and good luck!